Loose Lips

What’s wrong with speaking your mind? Why is it so terrifying to stand up to another individual and tell them what you’re thinking or how you’re feeling? Is it the fear we are sharing to much of ourselves and may only find reject as a response?

There’s that whole – if you love someone, tell them. Or else, you know, you might die and never get the chance. But, is it really that great of an idea? Once you put something out there, especially once you say it, there’s no taking it back.

Lately, I’ve found myself keeping more than usual inside. I don’t believe it’s so much out of fear that I’ll be rejected. Rather, am I sure of what I want to say? Is that really how I feel? I am a firm believe that it’s better to have done and regret then never have done at all. So, why, now, do I find myself so guarded?

I’d be interested to find out what causes¬†inhibitions. Some are appropriate, but some just get in the way of life.

I write instead of speak. My mother’s always told me to be careful with what I write. She explained that once it’s written, it never goes away and there’s always proof. I guess I want my words to be¬†permanent.