Don’t Mind If You Do.

I don’t mind the city life. The traffic, both foot and auto, or the hustle and bustle. People rushing about, late for work, most likely. None of this irritates me. Where has common courtesy gone, though? Please and thank you. Looking someone in the eye while speaking to them. Holding the door, so it doesn’t slam in the person behind you’s face. Ladies first. Are these all things your parents forgot to teach you? Will future generations lack these, what should be natural, behaviors?

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Ahh, I made it. Some time off was needed, but I will thrive!

It’s good to be home. A vacation from my mind set it back at ease. From here on out, I will be moving forward. There’s nothing to stand still for. Time doesn’t wait, it keeps ticking on. The last 6 months have passed in a blur of discomfort and confusion. Now I’m settling into what is needed.

The sunshine of this afternoon has brought be back to life. My hopes are soaring. As I continue on in life, I expect you to come with me.

Clusters of words fog my thoughts and I can’t spit anything out fast enough. My fingers won’t move at a pace that can keep up. The distractions are endless. Like a puppy on his first visit to the beach, my attention jumps from one vision to the next.

Stay with me. Coming back to reality can be entrancing.