Back to Life, Back to Reality

Ahh, I made it. Some time off was needed, but I will thrive!

It’s good to be home. A vacation from my mind set it back at ease. From here on out, I will be moving forward. There’s nothing to stand still for. Time doesn’t wait, it keeps ticking on. The last 6 months have passed in a blur of discomfort and confusion. Now I’m settling into what is needed.

The sunshine of this afternoon has brought be back to life. My hopes are soaring. As I continue on in life, I expect you to come with me.

Clusters of words fog my thoughts and I can’t spit anything out fast enough. My fingers won’t move at a pace that can keep up. The distractions are endless. Like a puppy on his first visit to the beach, my attention jumps from one vision to the next.

Stay with me. Coming back to reality can be entrancing.

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